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You can visit the library afterschool Monday – Friday from 2:30 – 2:45.  Tuesdays you can exchange books during recess or during class if you have permission from your teacher.

The school library program is critical to students' academic and personal success. The necessary skills for college and career ready students include literacy in a wide range of digital, visual, and textual formats. Effective school library media programs enable students to develop critical thinking skills to access, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information; make informed decisions; build a knowledge base; and value reading.

These Utah Standards for Library Media were created by certified teacher librarians to support the integration of information literacy and media skills across the curriculum. They are intended to be taught, not in isolation, but in collaboration with classroom teachers. This collaboration will deepen student learning, foster independent reading, develop reading stamina, build task resiliency, strengthen text-dependent writing, and increase the students’ information literacy. The standards are organized into three clusters:

1. Reading Engagement

2. Research and Information

3. Media Literacy

  • You will attend library each week for 45 minutes with your class.
  • You will have an assignment aligned to the common core to complete during library.
  • Library grades are given each term.

Mountain View's Library Catalog

Look in the Catalog for a book to read.

Library Catalog

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Book 2021-2022

If you are a  4th or 5th grade student, please  consider reading books from our Battle of the Books list for the 2021-2022 school year!  We have a great selection of books from a variety of genres.  You can locate them in the library, on SORA or at the public library!  Students read as many of the listed titles by February 2022.  When you complete a book, you will need to fill out the below form.  Mt View will have a competition and the top four students will represent our school at the district competition in March.  All students who read five titles by December 31, 2021 will get a sweatshirt or a T-shirt with the BOB logo.    Miss Bundy will give you more details.  Let's get reading and see how many books you can read this year!

Battle of the Books

Click on the  link to fill out the form.

Beehive Books

If you read 10 2022 Beehive Books and fill out the form for each book, you can attend the pizza party in May.  If you read 20 2022 Beehive Books, you can bring a friend with you to the party.  You must complete the form for all books that you have read.  Happy Reading and See you at the pizza party in May.

2022 Beehive Books I Have Read

Beehive Book Nominees 2022

What is my email address?

Student Email Formula

Your school email address will always be the same format.

  1. Your first full name (No nicknames)  Kathy
  2. Period
  3. Your last initial (what your last name starts with)  Bundy starts with B 
  4. The Last three numbers of your lunch number (Example 654321 – 321 are the last three numbers)
  5. @ (Push the Shift key and the 2 key at the same time)
  7. Put everything together.      (This is not my real email address. My contact email is  at the bottom of this page or under my picture.  You can also look up email addresses when you are in your own email account).

How to use the School Website to Access Resources

How to use SORA Online Digital Library

How to take a picture with your computer and attach to an email

Mountain View Elementary Library Disclosure 

2021 - 2022 Mountain View Elementary Library Disclosure

Mountain View Elementary follows the Salt Lake School District policy for library book fines.

SLCSD Library Fine Procedures