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The 2023 - 2024 School Year is going to be AMAZING!

Miss Bundy - Dreams do come true in the library


The school library program is critical to students' academic and personal success. The necessary skills for college and career ready students include literacy in a wide range of digital, visual, and textual formats. Effective school library media programs enable students to develop critical thinking skills to access, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information; make informed decisions; build a knowledge base; and value reading.

Utah Standards for Library Media were created by certified teacher librarians to support the integration of information literacy and media skills across the curriculum. They are intended to be taught, not in isolation, but in collaboration with classroom teachers. This collaboration will deepen student learning, foster independent reading, develop reading stamina, build task resiliency, strengthen text-dependent writing, and increase the students’ information literacy. The standards are organized into three clusters:

1. Reading Engagement

2. Research and Information

3. Media Literacy

Utah Library Media Core Standards K - 5

The students at Mountain View:

  • Will attend library each week for 45 minutes with their class.
  • Will have an assignment aligned to the common core to complete during library.
  • Will receive a Library grade each term.
  • Will READ books for enjoyment and for educational information.
Kathy Bundy

Kathy Bundy

School Librarian/Media Special


Welcome to Mountain View Library. Let's READ!