Running Forward Club - Fridays at 7:00 AM

Running Forward is a free running club for 3th-6th graders aimed at helping them develop life skills. They will learn the principles and values behind goal setting, healthy eating, and effective leadership skills and have the opportunity to apply these concepts as they train for a 5K at the end of the school year.

Running Forward will meet Friday mornings from 7:00 – 8:00 AM. Practice will take place outside on the field so dress appropriately.  Meet by the garden at 7:00 AM.  Sign-up is online this year.  Click on the link below and then click on the sign-up form in English or Spanish.

Running Forward Info and Sign-up

This year with Covid-19 Running Forward will be looking a little different. Although, there is convincing evidence that moderate exercise keeps you healthy. We will be practicing CDC guidelines when it comes to school activities. Our Running Forward do and don’t recommendations are as follows:

  • Don’t show up if you are feeling ill or have flu-like symptoms.
  • Don’t share fluids. Carry your own fluids to avoid contact with others.Running Shoe
  • Don’t share snacks, or personal items.
  • Do wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after our Friday runs.
  • Don’t spit or blow your nose in public.
  • Do practice social distancing, the current recommendation is six feet.
  • Do avoid close-group selfies.
  • Don’t go to the gym if you are feeling ill.

Congratulations February Student of the Month

The theme for February was RESPECT.  These students demonstrated acts of respect at home and at school.  Congratulations you are fantastic.

Parent Information: Returning to In-Person Instruction

Click on the link for information about returning to in-person instruction at Mountain View Elementary.  If you have unanswered questions or concerns, you can contact the school or your student’s teacher.  

Parent Information: Returning to In-Person Instruction

Superintendent's Message 2020 - 2021 School Year

Click the link for the current Superintendent’s Message

Superintendent’s Messages


2020 - 2021 Magnet Extended Learning Program Information

The Extended Learning Program supports the mission of Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD) to cultivate a love of learning in a diverse and inclusive school community, committed to educational excellence and integrity. In collaboration with families and community, we hold high expectations for all students. We respond effectively to individual needs, and provide a safe, healthy environment in which every student can learn the academic, problem-solving and social skills required for success in college, career, and life. The district has designed and implemented an Extended Learning Program to meet the cognitive and affective needs of identified gifted students. Through ELP, a continuum of program options provides a beneficial learning environment and curriculum designed to meet the needs of gifted/talented and high ability students.

The Extended Learning Program is designed to serve gifted and high ability students in two service models in elementary and middle schools: (1) Magnet self-contained ELP (grades K-8), and (2) Neighborhood ELP (grades 4-8). Grade 4 this year is open to all 4th grade students who would like more depth, complexity, and challenge. Elementary Magnet ELP Students take a battery of cognitive and achievement assessments in the eligibility process. Students who meet the Magnet ELP eligibility criteria are offered Magnet ELP placement. Elementary Magnet ELP classes are housed at Emerson grades 1-6 (Dual Language Spanish) Hawthorne grades K-6, and Whittier grades K-6. All elementary schools have Elementary Neighborhood ELP All grade 4 students can access a 4th Grade Discovery on Canvas this year. Assessments have been postponed due to remote learning.

Click on the link for more information (English and Spanish)

2020 - 2021 Magnet Extended Learning Program Information

Superintendent Search Community Survey

What qualities do you want to see in our new Superintendent? Now's your chance to tell us here.

2019 Winter Celebrations

Check out the fun activities that happened at Mountain View in 2019.  Hope we can celebrate together soon.

2020 - 2021 School Registration

Cup of pencils

Online registration will open July 17.

This year registration will be online only and you will be able to upload the necessary documents to the program. For those unable to complete the registration online, in person appointments will be offered at a later time. Given the current circumstances please make every effort to finish it online.

Required Documents:

  • Proof of address (Kindergarten, new and returning students)
  • Birth Certificate (Kindergarten and new students)
  • Proof of completed immunizations (Kindergarten and new students)

Please follow this link to start registration:  

Methods of contact if you have questions:

1.            Call the school number at 801-974-8315 and leave a message, we will return your call.

2.            Email Juani at

2020 - 2021 After School Program Registration Information

Red School Building

Click on the link below to get more information about the After School Program.

2020 -2021 After School Registration Information

Battle of the Books List for the 2020 -2021 School Year

Hooray, we can finally announce the new titles for Battle of the Books.  You can start to read these titles on Sora.  I have also purchased all of the books, so if we have summer library you can come and check some out.  I have already started to read and listen to some of the titles and they are AWESOME!!!  

Battle of the Books 2020 - 2021 Reading List

Mountain View Counseling Services

More information is listed under the Academics Tab then click on the Counseling Center

Mountain View Elementary Counseling Department - Home

*New* Coronavirus Resources Click here for coronavirus resources and how to contact your school counselor during school closure

{Presione aquí para recursos del Coronavirus y para información sobre como contactar a los consejeros escolares durante el cierre de las escuelas.

Keep Holding On Mountain View Students! We Miss You!

We wish we could be with you  everyday at school, but until we can meet again, KEEP HOLDING ON!



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