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Dance Disclosure Document
Miss Tina (A.K.A. Tina Misaka)

Welcome to dance
We will be exploring, investigating and creating together. Our dance curriculum,
which is based on the Utah State Core Curriculum, allows for development of
individual needs and interests. Our goal is to develop the whole child. We will be
integrating dance with curriculum studied in the classroom. The integration will help
to reinforce learning in the classroom, making connections with the world, as well as
teaching the concepts of dance. We will be moving, problem solving, collaborating
and creating in every class. Your child will learn in a positive and safe learning
environments that emphasizes doing their B-E-S-T to help your child develop to
their fullest potential.
Side-by-Side Teaching
The Dance program is sponsored by the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Legislative
Initiative, passed in 2008. The Initiative requires dance/arts specialist and
classroom teacher to plan and collaborate together, to create wonderful lesson
plans that integrate all subjects taught in the classroom. The regular classroom
teacher will be present in all classes supporting and participating in the process of

Dance Rules
Dance class follows the Peace Builders rules.
1. I will put others up instead of down.
2. I will follow directions the first time given.
3. I will keep my hands, feet, and mouth other objects to myself.
4. I will raise my hand and wait for my turn to speak
5. I will listen carefully
All rules and consequences are supported from the regular classroom.
1. Verbal warning from teacher
2. If behavior persists, student will be asked to sit out and watch.
All students are encouraged to do their personal BEST. Students are evaluated on
their individual accomplishments. Grading is based on progress, daily participation,
and good citizenship and behavior. Assessments are often through performance
assignments therefore attendance is of the utmost importance.
Dress Code
We will be exploring movement throughout the class. We will be taking off our
shoes and socks to dance. Please dress appropriately. Girls should plan to wear
pants that day in school and preferably a long t-shirt.
I believe in immediate and honest communication. I encourage and appreciate parent
comments or questions regarding their child. I check my e-mail daily and make every
effort to respond in a timely way. E-mail the most effective way to communicate
with me. You may also leave a note in my faculty box or phone me before or after
Permissions to Photograph and Video
Throughout our semester of dance your child’s picture may be taken for newspaper
articles, presentations, displays and archival documentation. Please indicate your
approval of your child’s picture being used on the parent and student agreement
Informances (Showings)
At the end of each dance semester, students will perform in an informance. An
informance is an informal, informational performance. The dance is a process oriented
program. Costumes and production will be minimal. It is a time when we can
share what we have been dancing about with the school and the parents. The dates
and times of the informances will be in the school calendar, class newsletters and on
a flyer/invitation that will be sent out a week prior to performance.
Parent Volunteers
It’s always great to have an extra set of eyes, hands and ideas. I love to have
parents come to class to observe and participate. If you would like to come please
email me and/or the classroom teacher, expressing your interest. In accordance
with district policy, all volunteers will be asked to sign a volunteer agreement. This
agreement deals with confidentiality issues and volunteer ethics.
Classroom Donations
Donations to the dance program is always welcomed and appreciated
Some ideas

  • Music and CD
  • Books
  • Props
  • Costumes and fabric
  • Teaching springboards: such things of nature, seashells, photographs,scarves, interesting photos, etc.

Parent and Student Agreement Form

I have read and understand all the materials in of Miss Tina’s dance class disclosure.
Date: _________________________
Student Name: _____________________
Parent / Guardian Name ___________________________________________
Parent / Guardian Signature________________________________________
  Photograph/Video Consent
  o Yes
  o No
Comments, Concern, Special Needs


Tina Misaka

Tina Misaka

Elementary Teacher