Principal's Message

Dear Mountain View Eagle Family,

What a great year we’ve had at Mountain View!  So much learning and fun activities have taken place here.  I know that students and staff have grown a lot. 

I remember the awesome fall carnival, with snow cones, cotton candy, a dunk tank, and partners providing information and games.

I remember eating breakfast in your classrooms and lunch in the cafeteria with you and your friends. 

I remember the days that brought extra spirit to our school like college shirt day, backwards day, crazy hat day, and every Friday you could dress a little more freely.

I remember our guest, Jackie Chan, coming to teach us to be Green Heroes.  I also remember student athletes from Salt Lake Community College, and athletes from the Salt Lake City Stars and the Utah Falconz meeting students and encouraging them to make good choices. 

I remember the time at recess and P.E., where Miss Bayli and Coach K. helped us exercise safely and helped us have a lot of fun.

I remember lots of field trips to see and touch and hear things that would help us learn what we were studying in class.

I remember students learning to work things out, solve problems, and show kindness. 

I remember a lot of dancing with Ms. Tina Misaka, and with Ms. Dana Rossi and Dr. Moises Prospero.  Every grade level performed some kind of dance for an audience this year.  Ririe Woodbury also came to dance for us.  We can’t forget our friends who showed our fourth grade students some Native American dances.

I remember awesome 200 Club activities that were so much fun with Miss Elizabeth, as well as with Mr. Malouf.

I remember Junior Coaches helping our students follow school expectations, supporting students who got hurt, and going to cool activities.  They were able to meet professional soccer players and go on a field trip for an amazing activity. 

I remember the volunteers.  Parents, business partners, and college and high school students all pitched in to help our school be awesome!

I remember a giant assembly where I read a book about creating beautiful art in the city, and we went outside to make our grounds beautiful with sidewalk chalk.

I remember teachers attending sessions of professional learning, so they can add to their amazing skills.

I remember Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and other celebrations that students and staff enjoyed at school.

I remember learning more science this year, including some great STEAM nights.  Do you remember what STEAM stands for?

I remember Mountain View having more of a presence on Facebook and Twitter. 

I remember East High School sharing their musicians and their graduates with us.  Go Leopards! 

I remember Glendale Middle School sharing their auditorium with us!  Go Lynx!

I remember students getting free vision checks and glasses, hearing checks, and tooth sealants.

I remember Santa visiting, as well as his elves, Jacob and Popcorn.

I remember organizations and individuals donating clothes, food, school supplies, and dictionaries to our students and staff.

I remember our Virtuosos performing at Mountain View, Glendale Middle School, and the Rose Wagner Theater. 

I remember greeting new friends and saying goodbye to friends leaving us. 

I remember great parent meetings like Parents and Pastries and School Community Council.

I remember having the first snow day that our district has had in decades. 

I remember our fourth grade students performing in the capitol rotunda.

I remember Miss Herrera receiving an award for being an outstanding teacher, and having Big Buddha from Fox 13 present her with the award while visiting her class. 

I remember seeing some great writing from students.  I am excited to build on that writing this next school year.

I remember Hartland Community for Youth and Families inviting students and their families on fabulous Saturday field trips that supported learning.

I remember University of Utah students coming to teach Mountain View students.  I even saw a real brain!  I also remember our students visiting the University of Utah.

I remember students and parents working together with Ms. Maria from Mi Idioma Mi Exito to learn to read using phonics in English and Spanish.

I remember honoring students of the month for being great citizens.

I remember teachers bringing treats to share with each other throughout the year.

I remember planning great things for students and staff with Ms. Malouf.

I remember the great love and patience that teachers showed students throughout the year.

I remember teachers helping students make it across the streets safely after school.

I remember Arby’s giving our students cards for free meals and Burger King giving our students certificates for free ice cream cones.

I remember students learning that they can do hard things if they keep a growth mindset.

I remember students learning to come to school in uniform.

I remember students learning about careers they could choose.

I remember students completing Nuevo Dia, Girls on the Run, and Running Forward successfully.

I remember students planting, reaping, and eating food they grew in the garden with the help of our Healthy Living instructor and our friends at Wasatch Gardens.

I remember rain-lots of rain.

I remember that we didn’t let rain stop us from holding our annual 5k fun run.

I remember the faculty beating the fifth graders in a friendly soccer game.  The fifth graders showed great sportsmanship!  I also remember a great Field Day that afternoon. 

I remember saying goodbye and good luck to our fifth grade students.

I am so fortunate to be a part of this great community!  Mountain View is a wonderful place to learn, to play, and to work.  I look forward to another great year in 2019-2020.  See you all very soon!


Mr. Limb

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