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Community Learning Center

Glendale – Mountain View Community Learning Center

Glendale-Mt. View Community Learning Center is located at:
1388 South Navajo St. Suite E | Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(801) 974-1902 

Mountain View CLC

A Community Learning Center is a philosophy, a place, and a set of partnerships between a school and other community resources. The community learning center model builds on the core instructional program of a school by adding educational and life skill enrichment for the entire family. The Salt Lake City School District and Salt Lake Education Foundation have determined that the expansion of school-based Community Learning Centers (CLCs) is the number one priority for the Development and External Relations Department. Early data suggests that student gains increase in a school that provides wraparound services to students and their families.

In a CLC school, young people, their families, and community residents work as equal partners with the school and other community service providers to develop programs and enhance services in five areas:

  • Quality Education – High-caliber curriculum and instruction enable all children to meet challenging academic standards and use all of the community's assets as resources for learning.
  • Personal Development – Young people develop their assets and talents, form positive relationships with peers and adults, and serve as resources to their communities.
  • Family Support – Family resource centers, early childhood development programs, coordinated health and social services, counseling, and other supports enhance family life by building upon individuals' strengths and skills.
  • Family and Community Engagement – Families and other local community members actively participate in designing, supporting, monitoring, and advocating for quality programs, activities, and services in the school and community.
  • Community Development – All participants focus on strengthening the social networks, economic viability, and physical infrastructure of the surrounding community.

Keri Taddie

CLC Coordinator

Glendale – Mt. View Community Learning Center

1388 South Navajo St. Suite E | Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Office: 801-974-1902